Velotaxi tour

Tour of the Sosei River East area, an industrial district


The Sosei River East area, an old but up-and-coming place to visit
The area east of the Sosei River is now called Sosei River East. It was developed as an industrial district and as a center for the development of Sapporo. Take a velotaxi (a bicycle taxi) to visit retro-flavored buildings and imagine bygone days. Only on this tour, which involves velotaxis, can participants enjoy microbrewed beer and rice wine. You'll also be taken to a shop that sells popular confections.


Velotaxi tour fee:
5,000 yen per adult
Approx. 3 hours
The tour fee includes...
The accident insurance premium, and the velotaxi fare
Minimum participation:
One person
Meeting place:
JR Sapporo Station South Exit
Please pay for your food and drink out of your own pocket.

Picnic Ride Tour 【Application form】

Sapporo Cycle Labo Head Office
Scenic Byway Resource Center, 4F, Central Sapporo Kita Bldg., 2-17, Kita 11-jo, Nishi 2-chome, Kita-ku, Sapporo, 001-0011 9:00 - 18:00 (closed Saturdays, Sundays & holidays)

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Sosei River East
The Sosei River runs through the center of Sapporo. Sapporo's streets are laid out in a grid, and the river divides the city into an eastern part and a western part. Sosei River Park was created along the river recently. The area called Sosei River East has both old streetscapes and new buildings, which gives it a quaint feel. There are unique cafés and restaurants in that area. The Sosei River East area also has Nijo Market and Sapporo Factory, which attract shoppers and are popular among tourists.