Tour of the City of Eniwa

Tour of gardens and confections


Enjoying beautiful gardens and confections!
Eniwa is known as a city of flowers. Residents in the Megumino district are particularly keen on gardening. After appreciating colorful flowers, taste popular confections and pizza, and visit the roadside rest area Michi-to-kawa-no-eki to enjoy shopping. Take a leisurely bike ride along a river and through beautiful rural scenery. Enjoy Eniwa to the fullest.


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Bike tour fee:
9,800 yen per adult
Note: The first person in each party is 9,800 yen, and each person thereafter in that party is 8,000 yen.
Approx. 6 hours
The tour fee includes...
The guide fee, the accident insurance premium, and the bike rental fee
Minimum participation:
One person
Eligibility for participation:
Anyone who can ride a bike
Meeting place:
JR Eniwa Station
Please pay for your lunch out of your own pocket.

Picnic Ride Tour 【Application form】

Sapporo Cycle Labo Head Office
Scenic Byway Resource Center, 4F, Central Sapporo Kita Bldg., 2-17, Kita 11-jo, Nishi 2-chome, Kita-ku, Sapporo, 001-0011 9:00 - 18:00 (closed Saturdays, Sundays & holidays)

Route MAP


Izarigawa Riverbank
This riverbank runs beside clear waters that originate at the foot of Mt. Eniwa.
"Open Garden" Project in Eniwa
Beautiful flowers and greenery cultivated with loving care at individual houses can be appreciated around the town.
Michi-to-kawa-no-eki Hana Road Eniwa
This roadside rest area is near the Izarigawa River and abounds in flowers and greenery.
The "Open Garden" Project in Eniwa
Eniwa is known as a city of flowers, and many residents and shops in the city participate in an "open garden" project, making their carefully tended gardens accessible to the public. The period from late June to late August is the best time to view these lovely gardens.
Gelateria e Bar Gigi
This gelateria offers home-made gelato made from fresh milk and other tasty Hokkaido ingredients.